Where to Buy Supplies

Note that, while you can buy various kinds of emergency kits that are already put together, you will pay extra for the convenience. You can put your own kit together more inexpensively by investing some time. Plus, some things you may already have at home; just move them to your kit.  

Stores in the Portland area (most also sell online)

  • Portland Preparedness Center 7202 NE Glisan St, Portland, (503)252-2525. A variety of emergency supplies, both short and long term. Shop online or at the store.
  • Sanderson Safety 1101 SE Third Avenue, Portland; 503-238-5700. First aid kits, hard hats, lots more.
  • Bob’s Red Mill 5000 SE International Way, Milwaukie, (503) 607-6455; Toll-Free (800) 553-2258. Packaged and bulk flours, beans and whole grains; gluten-free products made in dedicated facility. See website locator for local stores.
  • Portland Homestead Supply Company, 8012 SE 13th Avenue, Portland, (503)233-8691. A “one-stop resource for urban homesteaders.”  Supplies & equipment for numerous activities. E-newsletter with info on classes.
  • Andy & Bax, 324 SE Grand, 503-234-7538. Surplus and outdoor store.
  • Next Adventure, 426 SE Grand, 503-233-0706. Used gear available in store.
  • REI Wide range of camping and wilderness survival gear. Area stores at  
    • 1405 NW Johnson, Portland, (503)221-1938
    • 12160 SE 82nd, Portland, (503)659-1156 (Clackamas store)
    • 7410 SW Bridgeport Rd, Tigard, (503)624-8600
    • 2235 NW Allie Avenue, Hillsboro, (503) 617-6072
  • Also see REI-Outlet, How to Choose a First-Aid Kit, First Aid Checklist, and How to Choose a Water Treatment System.
  • US Outdoor Store 219 SW Broadway, Portland, (503) 223-5937. Sale room upstairs.
  • Wholesale Sports Website shows local store inventory (no online shopping). Stores at
    • 9401 SE 82nd Ave, Portland, (503) 777-8700
    • 11505 NE Fourth Plain Rd, Vancouver, WA, (360) 604-8000

Other camping and sporting goods stores, surplus stores, thrift stores, dollar and other discount stores (especially Fred Meyer, Bi-Mart, Wal-Mart and Costco). Also check Radio Shack for hand crank and solar radios.

Stores in Other Parts of Oregon

The RedEshop, 559 NW Van Buren Ave, Corvallis, 541-791-4911. Website is RedESsupply. Supplier for NET and CERT volunteer first responder teams.
REI stores:

  • 380 Powerhouse Dr, Bend, (541) 385-0594
  • 306 Lawrence St, Eugene, (541) 465-1800

Wholesale Sports Website shows local store inventory (no online shopping). Stores at

  • 63492 Hunnell Rd, Bend, (541) 693-5000
  • 1260 Lancaster Dr SE, Salem, (503) 589-0800

More Online Sources for Emergency Kits and Supplies
Red Cross Store
American Preparedness
The Ready Store