About PREP

The goal of this website is to help Oregon residents get ready to come through a major disaster well and recover quickly.

PREP has been developed by the PREP Steering Committee, which includes volunteer first responders and members of community groups. Also collaborating are several public and private partners including

PREP is based on two models:

  • SNAP (Seattle Neighborhoods Actively Prepare), a program of Seattle Office of Emergency Management, which works to organize neighbors block by block and includes household preparedness and practice drills.
  • Map Your Neighborhood, an award-winning program now used in 34 states. Developed by Washington Emergency Management Department, Map Your Neighborhood is a very useful approach to organizing your block that is easy to understand and easy to carry out. It is incorporated in PREP as the Get Organized stage, where you will find a printable version as well as resources for obtaining it in booklet form.

Coming Attractions

Plans for future development of PREP include adding extensive resources to the Long Term Resilience page and preparedness materials in several languages.

Contact Us

If you have suggestions for the content of this website, please email content@preporegon.org.   If you have other questions or comments about PREP, email us at info@preporegon.org.