Neighborhood Emergency Teams

The Neighborhood Emergency Teams (NETs) is a City of Portland run program where residents trained by the Portland Office of Emergency Management and Portland Fire & Rescue to provide emergency disaster assistance within their own neighborhoods.  NET members receive basic training (Community Emergency Response Team) on how to save lives and property until the professionals can arrive. They have the skills to help their neighbors without getting hurt themselves.

Whatever your background and physical abilities may be, the Neighborhood Emergency Team (NET) in your neighborhood needs you! The basic training will give you the skills to work with your neighbors to save lives and property during the first 72 hours of any citywide emergency. The skills you'll learn in the free NET training will also help you manage emergencies that you may encounter in daily life.

You and your neighbors will be the first people to respond in a major disaster. Professional rescuers will have to focus first on the most dangerous situations where the most people can be helped. That means neighborhoods will be on their own for a significant amount of time, perhaps days. Past disaster statistics show that fully 80% of all rescues are performed by untrained citizens. The NET program aims to prepare all communities with the skills needed to be safe and effective when disaster strikes.

NET training is available to anyone who lives or works in the Portland Fire & Rescue service area and is at least 14 years old. Register at Portland Online for the next training!